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Hello world, it's your girl Paquilla but since we're friends you can just call me PQ. Originally from Prichard, AL but I reside in the DMV area now. I'm a Virgo, my favorite colors are green and black. I love long walks on the beach, reading and plants. LOL moving on.

wiresbyPQ was created back in 2015 to bring balance back into my life. I've always loved jewelry and started making my own by breaking and re-purposing pieces. I once made a pair of earring out of some paper clips and a friend of mind told me she would buy them if I sold them. That small piece of encouragement is what lead to the wiresbyPQ  we have today.


wiresbyPQ is forever growing because so am I. wiresbyPQ is an extension of me a way for me to get ideas out and make the things I want to see.

Hopefully these pieces provide an outlet for you to show off your best self. A means to say things without words. 

with love -PQ

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